18 Aug 2015

Striping Target Parking Lot

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ASAP Sands Outdoor Services was called out to Target to stripe their newly sealed parking lot.  Sands Outdoor Services worked within the deadline of the tax-free weekend to get as much of the parking lot striping done before their busy weekend.  We worked with managers to ensure that we got the striping done during non-business hours and at night to ensure the job was completed in time without customer interference.  We began by laying out the parking lot with marking chalk to ensure accuracy.  After the chalking was completed we began striping the parking lot, starting with closest parking spaces near the front and handicapped spaces.  Once the initial striping of the parking lot was completed we returned to put down a second coat of paint according to the site plan.  After the second coat was laid down, we installed 8′ stop stencils and stop bars on either side of their facility as well as the lane divider and hash markings in the front drive area.  Contact us at office@sandsoutdoorservices.com for your free estimate!