Weed Control

Getting weeds under control before they germinate in the grass or lawn is the easiest way to control weeds. Preemergent kills the weeds as they germinate.  There are two basic types of weeds. Monocotyledons (parallel veins) and dicotyledons (netted veins). Be sure to know what you are trying to control before you spray. It’s very important to spray exactly to the specifications in the directions.  Once a seeds germinates, then preemergent will not work then the next step to control the weeds in gravel is generally glysophate.  In grass, the best weed control of broadleaf weeds is 2-4-D.  Its best to do weed control when the plant is small and has not built up a waxy leaf surface.  Weeds can germinate and go to seed very quickly-2-3 weeks and once it goes to seed, it sends out hundreds of seeds ready for the next season.  Weeds are also classified as annuals, biennials, or perennials.  Our most effective method is applying preemergent two times per year for best control of spring and fall weeds.  If you do the weed control yourself, its best to read the instructions carefully, calibrate the application as per directions, and triple rinse off equipment.

Weed Control FAQ’s

When is the best time to put down weed control?
The ideal time is in February before it starts warming up and the weeds germinate. Also that is when we typically get moisture to get it in the soil.

If you missed that opportunity, March and April applications will still help control weeds that come in with spring winds and summer germinating plants. A fall application covers fall germinating plants and biennials. Each application greatly reduces the weed population and reduces competition for nutrients in the soil.

Call ASAP SANDS to apply preemergent and get much better weed control and reduce the need to apply other chemicals to kill the weeds and save you a lot of time weeding.

What weed control works best for dandelions?
It’s best to use a 2-4-D however, be careful not to use any type of Glyphosate in grass.

How long will preemergent last?
Depending on strength it should last 4-6 months. We recommend spraying preemergent two times per year to get best weed control in gravel and grass. After the first year you will have less difficulty with weeds.

What if the weeds are mature and tall?
Larger weeds are difficult to control with Glysophate.  Its best to mow down the weeds and then spray when they start growing again.

Can weed control kill trees?
The most damage I have seen to trees is from weed and feed.  The tree roots can pick it up and do a lot of damage to the tree.  Often times the leaves will turn brown and fall off.   Also evaporation of the spray can go up into the trees so its best to see what temps to spray the weeds.