08 Sep 2015

Block Retaining Wall

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ASAP Sands Outdoor Services was called out to replace an old 100-foot retaining wall that was falling apart. The wood that had been used for the retaining wall before had been aged by the sun and rain allowing it to warp and bend allowing gravel to spill onto the walkways. Below are the before, and after photos of the project.

We began by removing the existing wood retaining wall and moved aside the rock allowing us to level out the ground where the blocks would be set. As the ground was being leveled we measured the height to see how high the block should go, and when it should begin to step down to the sidewalk. The bricks are now ready to be laid and stacked to form the new retaining wall. We began laying the brick stacker on the high side by the stairs and wrapped around the curve. After the curve had been completed we began to step down the block to the sidewalk. Once the retaining wall had been completed the rock was filled back in and leveled.