04 Jan 2016

Walmart Landscape Installation

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ASAP Sands Outdoor Services won the bid to landscape a new Walmart being built in Albuquerque. When we started the job we began by getting all the sleeves placed in to allow the pavers in to finish the lot and side walks. After the parking lots, side walks and curbs were poured we began on the landscaping. Because of grading complications and water meter issues we had to work the project backwards, meaning we started with the plants and main line and finished with the drip and the timer being hooked up. The reason for this is Walmart required so much of the project to be completed was get a water meter installed requiring us to get a lot of plants in before that could happen. Once all the plants and valves were installed we began to lay out filter fabric around the building and started to lay the brown rock and leaving open areas for the cobble design. Once the rock was finished being laid out around the building we moved into the back drainage areas and the large drainage pond near the new gas station. The back and side drainage ponds were having grading issues which stopped us from planting our plants in those locations until they were corrected. Once we got the O.K. to begin on the drainage ponds we got our plants in the ground and filter fabric laid out. We used a reach lift with a utility bucket to allow us to drop cobble down into the pond without having to drive bobcats in messing up the fresh grade. The project was completed on schedule even with all the grading and weather set backs. Check out our before and after photos!!