03 Aug 2015

Underground Water Collection System

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ASAP Sands Outdoor Services was called out to the job site to install an underground rain water collection system to collect rain water on site to be used for irrigation. We began by marking the digging site, working with onsite general contractors, and calling in a utilities check to make sure where we were going to be digging was free from any cables and pipes. After everything cleared we began digging in sections down to the desired depth of twelve feet. The digging was done in sections for accessibility in and out of the large hole. Once the desired depth was reached the bottom was leveled out to ensure the tanks sat correctly, graveled the bottom, and lowered the tanks into place. Each tank shipped in from Germany, which came in 2 halves, with gaskets and bolts to put the halves together and create a sealed tank. After the tanks were placed they were connected to each other to ensure even filling of the tanks so one would not fill faster than the other. The hole was then back filled with gravel, and caps were placed on top of the tanks to allow collection of water. Sands Outdoor Services worked with onsite contractors to ensure the project went smoothly, and followed the plans to their specifications.