29 Jan 2016

Senior Living Housing Landscape Installation Roswell, NM

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ASAP Sands Outdoor Services was awarded the bid to install the landscaping for a senior living center in Roswell, NM. We began but removing and leveling out the areas of grass that was to be removed and replaced with rock. Once the grass had been removed we started on the irrigation system and planting around the living areas. Concrete pads were formed and poured to allow benches and tables to be placed in the landscaped areas later. Steel edging was laid out to show the path throughout the complex, and will be filled with crusher fines later. As the steel edging was finishing we began to filter fabric and lay out the landscape rock around the property. The steel edging path was filled in with crusher fines and tamped down to make it a solid pathway. As the rock and path ways were finishing we started on the planter beds and began to secure the benches and tables to the concrete pads we laid earlier. Once the landscape installation and clean up was finished we went through and raked out the rock to make sure it was all even and adds the finished touch look.