Double Tree Parking Lot Seal Coating and Striping

Seal Coating and Crack Filling Parking Lot for Double Tree of Albuquerque Hotel: ASAP Sands Outdoor Services had the privilege of working with Double Tree Hotel in Albuquerque New Mexico to get their parking lot cracks filled and get the parking lot seal coating done over the Memorial Day Weekend. We worked with the hotel.. read more →

Texas Roadhouse

ASAP Sands Outdoor Services had the pleasure of working with Texas Roadhouse on their new construction project at the Cottonwood Mall in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We began the project with the sleeving for the irrigation system around the property so we could get the irrigation pipes under the sidewalks, roadways and in between the islands… read more →

Senior Living Housing Landscape Installation Roswell, NM

ASAP Sands Outdoor Services was awarded the bid to install the landscaping for a senior living center in Roswell, NM. We began but removing and leveling out the areas of grass that was to be removed and replaced with rock. Once the grass had been removed we started on the irrigation system and planting around.. read more →

Walmart Landscape Installation

ASAP Sands Outdoor Services won the bid to landscape a new Walmart being built in Albuquerque. When we started the job we began by getting all the sleeves placed in to allow the pavers in to finish the lot and side walks. After the parking lots, side walks and curbs were poured we began on.. read more →

Camel Rock Striping

ASAP Sands Outdoor Services was called out to Camel Rock Casino to stripe their newly sealed parking lot. We worked with Camel Rock Casino and the parking lot sealers to rope of areas where our crew could work without customer interference. We began laying out the format of the parking lot with line chalk and.. read more →

Underground Water Collection System

ASAP Sands Outdoor Services was called out to the job site to install an underground rain water collection system to collect rain water on site to be used for irrigation. We began by marking the digging site, working with onsite general contractors, and calling in a utilities check to make sure where we were going.. read more →

Albuquerque Convention Center Parking Garage

ASAP Sands Outdoor Services was called out to the Albuquerque Convention Center Parking Garage to grind off all the old numbers that labeled the spaces, power wash and repaint the walls, Stencil and paint the new levels on each floor, replaced old elevator stencils with quality signs, and re-striped all four levels of the parking.. read more →

Block Retaining Wall

Sands Outdoor Services was called out to clean up the back of the property of 1 ton retaining wall blocks that had been left over from the Paseo flyway bridge project in Albuquerque, NM. Sands Outdoor Services went out and leveled the ground where the blocks would be set, and moved them to the location.. read more →