17 Jul 2015

Albuquerque Convention Center Parking Garage

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ASAP Sands Outdoor Services was called out to the Albuquerque Convention Center Parking Garage to grind off all the old numbers that labeled the spaces, power wash and repaint the walls, Stencil and paint the new levels on each floor, replaced old elevator stencils with quality signs, and re-striped all four levels of the parking garage. ASAP Sands Outdoor Services had to coordinate with the city and the convention center to find the best dates to work on the project and be able to shut floors down without problems or concerts going on. ASAP Sands Outdoor Services began the re-striping job by grinding the old numbers of the floor and pressure washing the walls. After the walls were cleaned they were painted and prepped for stenciling of the levels and elevator locations. The painting was done at night while the striping was done during the day to have a crew on site multiple times a day to keep the job moving forward. If you need any parking lot striping you can rest easy that ASAP Sands Outdoor Services will get it done the right way.