21 Feb 2017

Why To Prune Your Trees and Shrubs in the Winter

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Why should you prune your trees and bushes in the winter even though the leaves have fallen and the plants are dormant? After all it is winter and should be the time to get some relief from the yard work, but think again! The winter is the best time to prune, shape and prepare the plant for growth in the spring. The reason being is you can easily see what shape the plant is in (dead, diseased, crowded branches etc), if you don’t like it and want to change it you can easily manage the shape of the plant with little to no clean up. The first thing you want to do is cut out any dead, diseased or branches that will end up blocking light or growing through the middle than shape from what is left

You want to leave any branches that are part of the integrity of the tree or bush as to have its stability and durability when the extra weight of leafs is added along with wind.

Once your have the shape of the plant you want you can begin to thin out some of the little side branches that cause crowding does not allow much light to get to the middle of the plant. By it opening up the plant it allows more air circulation, more light penetration which equals a healthier, happier plant.

Now that you have shaped, and opened up the trees or bushes you are ready for spring to hit and allow the plant to grow and flourish while maintaining its shape with minimal pruning needed thru out the growing season.

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